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This is not as planned.

22 October 1985
I married birdboy @ marry_a_ljuser

Often goes around by the name 'Ryo'. Is not the most likely sociable person on the entire planet, likes drawing yet likes to put down own art 90% of the time. Doesn't handle praises very well, really (doesn't mean she hates them). Can understand Japanese, although mediocre.

Likes to waste time playing her DS, playing otome games (tokimemo is still top on the chart), and procrastinating. As for anime wise, quite generally picky (either that, too lazy to download them). But for now, follows just 2, Tales of the Abyss, and Kuroshitsuji. Hates one-liner comments, people who refused to google for answers first, pc-illiterate people, art thieves, and those who doesn't put their stuff under a cut.

Friend Policies
As for this journal being friends only, you will have to ask for permission to be added in first. I'm sorry, i talk about RL issues more commonly nowadays, so i'm quite cautious as to who i add. Please make sure that you put your pics/anything huge UNDER A CUT. If you don't, high chance i will most likely take you off the list. No offense taken.

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